Crypto – Academy

“We Greece” has been created by Greek professionals of Network Marketing – with many years of experience in the specific industry – making it a true mosaic of knowledge on cryptocurrencies – a carrier of inspiration and creativity for everyone who is part of it.

The words that best represent the work ethics of “We Greece” are: development, continuous training & support of its Independent Distributors & all these characteristics are the main axis of its activity.


Besides, “We Greece’s” mission is to educate and teach people about cryptocurrencies, regardless of their social background, their age or their previous job experience.

The purpose of “We Greece” is the personal & professional success of each Independent Distributor – throughout the team spirit & their continuous support.

“We Greece” Online Crypto – Academy is the cradle of the Ecosystem and it is the key – tool on the road of financial stability & further development of cryptocurrencies.


“We Greece”  Online Crypto – Academy consists of 3 different Levels of Education (Levels 1-3), structured in such a way that everyone can attend & assimilate them without requiring any prior experience in the Digital Economy.

Furthermore, upon completion of each Level of Education, a corresponding Attendance Certificate is given to the participants while the courses are conducted entirely in Greek and English language.

Three different 3 – hour Training Levels that can introduce everyone into the special & enchanting world of cryptocurrencies with safety, responsibility & professionalism.

Further information

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